It's easy to buy a copy of these two documentaries. 

To order a copy of Chicken Soup and Scouse or The Story of Harold House
please print this page as your order form then post it back to the address below.
Please write/print clearly.
Or copy and paste it into an email to us at

To Michael Swerdlow
213 The Colonnades, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AB England

I wish to order copies of this documentary programme as below

CHICKEN SOUP AND SCOUSE          on DVD (PAL)  qty.........

(Prices : October 2016)

Prices for single units including packing, postage  to UK addresses only @ £12.50 each.  If you are ordering several copies please increase the price nominally
to cover the extra post. Thank you.

Outside the UK total price per copy including p+p;-
  NTSC version =  £20.00 each
  PAL    version  =   £15.00 each

NB: copies will normally be in PAL for UK viewing.  See notes below regarding viewing the DVD outside the UK. If you require an NTSC copy for viewing in north America for example, cross out the word PAL above and insert the word NTSC (usually only available in DVD format)  Versions can be supplied in SECAM but prices on application.  See note below.   

I enclose total of  £________  UK cheque

Alternative methods of payment;-
PAYPAL to the account of
international money order made payable to Michael Swerdlow.
Western Union or The Money Shop. They charge a fee.

Please allow up to 14 days delivery. Cheques must clear before dispatch.
Please print your details clearly;-





________________________________Post/zip code_________


My email address is______________________________________

My home/office phone number is___________________________

Send your cheque/IMO made payable to Michael Swerdlow with the above form
to Michael Swerdlow, 213 The Colonnades, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AB, England

I found out about Chicken Soup and Scouse/The Story of Harold House from
a friend / media / web browsing / leaflet / link from another website.

Our email address is

print off all the above as your order form:


This VHS video tape cassette/digital and DVD, including its soundtrack is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, public performance, radio or TV broadcasting of this video is prohibited. Your attention is drawn to the copyright warning at the beginning of the programme.

We receive many orders for viewing in north America and can supply the DVD version in NTSC format which means you can view the film via a USA/Canada table top DVD player and television set. (Please note order instructions above). However if you only want to watch the film via your computer then our standard PAL version is ok as long as you don't then try it in a USA DVD player and television set, in which case only the NTSC format should be ordered. Copies in SECAM format can be supplied, price on application.

(Having said all that, one or two people in the US have told us that they have successfully played a PAL copy in their latest multi-mode table-top DVD player and viewed the output on their television, which is amazing!)

For UK clients in the Liverpool area wishing to purchase a copy of this film, please ask at one of the following stockist shops;-

* The Livepool Jewish Resource Centre office at the Liverpool Jewish Community Centre
   on The King David School Campus, Childwall Road,  Liverpool L15

* The museum shop at Princes Road Synagogue, Liverpool L8 1TG
     during visitor tours by appointment only. 0151 709 3431